A Lady’s Deception

You might ask, “Why the bluebells?” This is a photo I took on a walking trip in England several years ago. I guess it’s indicative of how much I’m longing for spring to arrive in Denver!

I’m pleased to announce a new book coming August 28, 2017. It’s called A Lady’s Deception and is the second book in the Haslemere Men series. If you’ve read A False Proposal (and I hope you have–or will), about Adam Grey and Cass Linford, you’ll be familiar with the characters. The second book is Hugh Grey and Eleanor Broxton’s story.

Here’s a short blurb to whet your appetite:

Surrey 1815. Sir Hugh Grey returns to England in possession of great wealth and a knighthood. He’s long been estranged from his mother and brother, whom he’s never forgiven for leaving him to be raised by his father. They want to reconcile with Hugh, but there’s nothing he wants less. What he does want is the beautiful and vibrant Eleanor Broxton. The night before he left for military duty, he had a liaison with her. The intoxicating memory of it sustained him throughout his time in Canada.

While Hugh was away, Eleanor experienced a life changing event which she has chosen not to reveal to him. Although she can’t deny her growing attraction to Hugh, she keeps him at a distance, dedicating herself to her dressmaking business instead. Hugh knows she’s keeping secrets, and when he finally learns the truth, it drives them apart. How can he forgive Eleanor’s actions and her decision to deceive him?

When a crisis occurs and they’re forced to work together, they discover that the heart doesn’t always listen to reason.

For those who might be interested, my publisher, Entangled, is hosting a Facebook party on March 28 to celebrate the release of two historical romances, Once a Courtesan, by Liana Lefey, and My Darling, My Disaster, by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan. I’ll have a “designated” time slot during which you can have a conversation with me.

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