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The New Maisie Dobbs, Among the Mad

March 26th, 2009

Am I the only Maisie Dobbs fan who didn’t like this book? Judging from the various reviews I’ve read or skimmed, everyone has nothing but praise for it. Although the New York Times crime critic, Marilyn Stasio, did refer to Maisie as “humorless.” In spades.

Some of what was wrong with this book could have been fixed by line editing, or an editor’s eye. Certain phrases were repeated numerous times. For example, when Maisie shook hands with male detectives from Scotland Yard, she’d say, “He held onto my hand a few more seconds than was absolutely necessary.” That lets us know, I guess, that they’re attracted to Maisie and revealing their feelings in an inappropriate way which she does not appreciate. Part of the humorlessness, I guess. Continue Reading »