The Wild Writers Launch Joint Web Site

A few weeks ago, my critique group launched a joint web site/blog. Hosted by WordPress, it’s called The Wild Writers.

The Wild Writers

We did this for a number of reasons. First, our combined wisdom about writing is deeper than any one of us alone could claim. Committing to writing two blog posts over the course of several months is manageable for all our members.  And, hey, we have a lot to say about writing…and reading, of course!

Secondly, we wanted to spotlight the fabulous work our members are creating, and to build our audience by selling e-books and artwork through our member pages.

Last, we hope this will be one more  way to reach out to our readers, as well as other writers.

So please, take a look. We’re so proud! Anna-Maria Crum, writer and illustrator, is the Designer-in-Chief; Craig Banister, IT guy and writer, the Coding Guru; Denise Vega, writer, Temporary Coder and Catalog Layout Chief; Hilari Bell, writer, General Dogsbody, otherwise known as Slave Laborer.

Don’t forget to check out the Whiney Writer when you’re on the site. She’s our mascot. We’re very fond of her, because there’s a part of her in each of us. She’s the brain child of our own Anna-Maria Crum, who has written the Whiney Writer scripts and done all the animation.

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