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Today I’m so happy to launch a new title and new look for my blog!

First, the new look. The talented and up-and-coming cartoonist/artist, Corinne Mucha, designed the header just for me. I love it, because not only is it a perfect fit, it’s so cool! The design, the color, the detail, I couldn’t be happier with it. Having been a librarian, teacher, and now a writer, I’m proud to say that the harried little person typing away surrounded by stacks of books is…me. Thank you, Corinne.

And thanks to my daughter Katie for having the brilliant idea to ask Corinne to do this for my birthday. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. I also owe Katie big time for suggesting the title. My life has always been so much about books, and no one knows this better than Katie.

Bethany Siegler, my friend and blog consultant, is yet another person I want to thank. Bethany spoke at the SCBWI Fall Conference in 2007, and when I knew I needed help with resuscitating a blog which had lain dormant for several months, I called her. We had one meeting and did the rest on the phone or via e-mail. Not only is she a font of knowledge, she’s also an excellent teacher. She shows you what to do so that you can handle nearly everything on your own. And her patience knows no bounds! Thanks, Bethany!

Let me know what you think of the new look and title!

7 comments on “My Life in Books

  1. Janet–thanks! We all need a jumpstart this time of year, don’t we? I’m reading Daphne and really enjoying it!

  2. My Life in Books really is such the perfect title! Your artist is very talented… glad you are lovin the new look. Me too!

  3. Dear Pam,
    Due to an early snowy morning, I have finally signed on….to your
    great website. Love the header and the content. I will have to
    try some of your suggestions of 2009. Not sure I can stomach the
    “romance” titles, time is too precious.

    My early reading included all the silhouette novels my elementary
    K-6 school had on the shelf. Then in “Jr.High” I discovered
    biography and concentrated my reading in that genre. Moving forward my favorite YA was Ann Frank, followed by all the Jane Austin.

    Reading to me is an escape, the recording of history, and the
    knowledge of another’s reaction to a problem. I learn something
    everytime I read a new book.

    Have you read Jim Fergus’s Wild Girl? It follows up his 1,000
    White Women, with a similiar format using diary entrys. I enjoyed

    Now am selecting books for our plane trip to N.Z.

    Keep reading and writing. I enjoyed reading the blog and admire
    your skills.


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