Why Do You Write?

Probably none of us would answer that question in quite the same way.

Would you keep on writing if you had no hope of publishing your work? If you would, can you explain what motivates you? If you wouldn’t, why not?

We’ve talked about this in our critique group, and we disagree. I’d love to hear your view.

3 comments on “Why Do You Write?

  1. I read an article in Time magazine years ago (I found it here
    when I went searching cyber space for it:

    This article is the single best expression of why I write. I have
    read it several times over the past decade and am always
    moved by it.

    To write is to live according to one’s terms.

    “Writing has been so important in America, I think, because communication is the soul and engine of democracy. To write is to live according to one’s

    I too am writing blindly.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Nanci from your blog triage class. I have been keeping journals since I was 11 – written and visual. Some boxes I have shlepped with me from NJ to NY to CA to HI to NJ and now to PA. Only burned one box of rantings about some deadbeat boyfriend. The rest I keep for me, but I do write for others as well, like my blogs.

    Now to get people to read them!

  3. Hey Nancy,
    That’s the trick, isn’t it, getting an audience! Are you still keeping a journal?

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